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Raising awareness and funds:

A decade of photography for conservation

Tragically, too many of the wild and pristine places that I have come to value and appreciate so deeply are facing serious threats. It’s particularly painful to see the suffering caused by the cruel snare traps. Every day, countless tragedies occur in Africa’s wilderness. Animals die in thousands of snares, often after days of struggle and unimaginable agony. Some survive, but are scarred and crippled for the rest of their lives. I wanted to help make a difference. But how?


During one of my trips to Zambia, I learned about the remarkable work of Conservation South Luangwa (CSL). This local organization protects the wilderness and combats poaching. In 2013, I decided to use my passion for photography to raise funds for CSL through the sales of my photos, calendars and other products. Since then, I have held annual exhibitions, generating significant donations to CSL. Not only does this raise awareness in Switzerland about the beauty and challenges facing many places in Africa, but it also gives something back to the African wilderness that captured my heart since my very first journey.

Raising awareness and funds: A decade of photography for conservation Sensibilisierung und Fundraising Ein Jahrzehnt Fotos gegen Wilderei
Since 2013, my photographs have raised more than 63,000 USD in support of anti-poaching efforts in Zambia.

Conservation South Luangwa

Working together for African wildlife

Founded by Rachel McRobb in 2003, Conservation South Luangwa (CSL) actively works to insure the long-term survival of wildlife and habitats in South Luangwa under the custodianship of the Zambian people.

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