edition 10

edition 10 Fine art prints “edition 10” Limited to 10 signed prints   Information about size, paper and shipping:Each image is available in an edition of 10.Once this number is reached, the photo will be withdrawn from sale.  They are available in three different formats: 40 x 40 cm | 60 x 40 cm | […]

edition 50

edition 50 Fine art prints “edition 50” Limited to 50 signed prints   Information about size, paper and shipping: Each image is available in an edition of 50.Once this number is reached, the photo will be withdrawn from sale.  They are available in three different formats: 30 x 30 cm | 45 x 30 cm | […]

open edition

open edition The “open edition” does not include images from “edition 50” or “edition 10”   Information about size, paper and shipping:   Prints are available in three formats, as listed at the bottom of the contact form. Other sizes on request.   Printed on: Enhanced Matt FineArt – 192 g/m² The prints are unframed, […]

portfolio the misunderstood

the misunderstood Some animals are considered “ugly”, others “mean” or even “cruel”. We often forget that these are human constructs. We use them on the basis of appearances or behaviours that we do not understand or to which we ascribe a negative meaning. In reality, however, all living things have unique characteristics and play important […]

portfolio northern exposure

northern exposure The Arctic – a vast yet fragile ecosystem of poetic beauty. A landscape largely shaped by water in all its forms. Solid, liquid and vapour, as clouds and fog refract the midnight sun. Home not only to the polar bear, but to so many other fascinating creatures, all adapted to survive in this […]

portfolio free as a bird

free as a bird When I started my journey in wildlife photography, I had little interest in birds. But I soon realised there was a whole world of feathers out there waiting to be discovered. Birds in their fascinating diversity often provide a welcome distraction while waiting. And they are a delight not only to […]

portfolio quiet moments

quiet moments Action shots are only one small part of wildlife photography. Between the brief splashes of drama, lie many quiet hours of waiting and observing. These moments contain a tranquility and a powerful sense of peace. The calm before the storm has its own unique beauty.

portfolio personality

personality Each of us has a unique personality. And my experience in the wild has convinced me that the same applies to most wildlife. Again and again I have encountered creatures with a lively sparkle in their eyes and faces full of vivid expressiveness. Some animals display active curiosity, while others are clearly more wary. […]

portfolio light and shadow

light & shadow Photography is all about capturing the infinite interplay between light and shadow. The visible and the unseen. Reflections turn water into gemstones, and darkness holds an indefinable power. I enjoy bending the rules and experimenting with this visual duality.

portfolio just a bit of fun

just a bit of fun Life in the wild is so much richer than merely a struggle for survival. There are moments of fun and moments of joy. How can anyone say that animals do not experience emotions?

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