There is a story behind every photograph. Some are fleeting, easily forgotten, while others become tales that are etched in our hearts.


Today I would like to introduce you to “Patricia”, the famous matriarch of the Porto Jofre region and the official mascot of the Jaguar ID Project.

She was first spotted in 2012. Since then she is known to have successfully raised 8 cubs. Thanks to the professional guiding skills of Eduarda from Wildjaguarphotosafaris and her experienced boatman Pio, we had several unforgettable encounters with this special jaguar lady. Including a magical morning with her two little ones, Yanomami and Nauru. But that’s a story for another time.

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This photo of Patricia was taken on a day when we were fortunate enough to observe her hunting for an extended period of time. It was a very special experience to witness this. The intensity, concentration and fluidity of movement both on land and in the water is mesmerizing.
And then that special moment when everything comes together for a split second. Patricia, perfectly framed by water hyacinths, the reflection in the dark water and that intense stare directly into the camera. A moment that revealed to me Patricia’s personality, her strength and her determination.

Sparking inspiration

What makes me particularly happy is that this image of Patricia has inspired other artists.

I would like to introduce two of them here:

David Stribbling

David Stribbling is one of the UK’s leading wildlife artists. Known for powerfully evocative oil paintings with exquisite detail and with a particular affinity for Africa and the big cats.


“When I first saw Sibylle’s South American Jaguar photo, the composition and detail made me feel intimately connected to this beautiful animal and her habitat. I was so pleased when Sibylle graciously allowed me to use the photo as a reference for my oil painting and it definitely provided a rich source of inspiration to try and capture the jaguar’s majestic presence in its natural environment.

Thank you Sibylle for your skill, talent and generosity.”

Ronald Quintero
Ron was born in Venezuela and has lived in Mexico for the past 6 years. He is a muralist, graphic designer and sculptor. Inspired by my photo, he has created an amazing mural on a terrace overlooking the Playa del Carmen.


“Your photographic art has inspired me because it conveys the moment and the energy of the animal you have captured. It is important to me that what I paint has a story, that is the soul of art.”

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