portfolio quiet moments

quiet moments Action shots are only one small part of wildlife photography. Between the brief splashes of drama, lie many quiet hours of waiting and observing. These moments contain a tranquility and a powerful sense of peace. The calm before the storm has its own unique beauty.

portfolio cat-titude

cat.titude Cats have been part of my life since I was 6 years old. In fact, I could hardly imagine a life without them. Many a winter evening has been cosily spent by the fireplace, quietly reading while a furry friend lay curled up, purring on my lap. While I appreciate their company, I also […]

portfolio black & white

black & white The absence of colour lends a timeless quality to photographs, as well as a certain elegance and drama. Shapes, contrasts and textures are accentuated. This draws the viewer’s attention to the essence of the image and enhances emotion.

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