portfolio the misunderstood

the misunderstood Some animals are considered “ugly”, others “mean” or even “cruel”. We often forget that these are human constructs. We use them on the basis of appearances or behaviours that we do not understand or to which we ascribe a negative meaning. In reality, however, all living things have unique characteristics and play important […]

portfolio free as a bird

free as a bird When I started my journey in wildlife photography, I had little interest in birds. But I soon realised there was a whole world of feathers out there waiting to be discovered. Birds in their fascinating diversity often provide a welcome distraction while waiting. And they are a delight not only to […]

portfolio born up a tree

born up a tree I like to think that the African expression, “born up a tree” conveys a message of connectedness to nature, branching out above, while deeply rooted below. There’s so much to observe, just above our heads.

portfolio black & white

black & white The absence of colour lends a timeless quality to photographs, as well as a certain elegance and drama. Shapes, contrasts and textures are accentuated. This draws the viewer’s attention to the essence of the image and enhances emotion.

walk-in photo-safari | exhibition | 2023

Walk-in Photo-Safari 2023 Elisabethenstrasse 41 | Basel17 November – 16 December The anniversary exhibition at Elisabethenstrasse 10 was an overwhelming success. We welcomed over 500 visitors and, after four wonderful weeks full of rewarding encounters, we were able to transfer 12,491 USD to Conservation South Luangwa in Zambia.   A big thank you to all […]

walk-in photo-safari | exhibition | 2022

Walk-in Photo-Safari 2022 Spalenberg 45 | Basel17 – 26 November 2022 This year, we tried a whole new approach: a pop-up exhibition space right in the middle of one of Basel’s most historic and charming pedestrian shopping streets. A larger-than-life lioness photo portrait greeted passersby and sparked the curiosity of many new people. Advertising in […]

encounters in unspoilt wilderness | exhibition | 2021

Encounters in unspoilt wilderness Stapfelberg 9 | Basel19 – 25 November 2021 This was a year of transition. We all remember the gradual global re-awakening after the pandemic. Once again, we could meet without masks, and share drinks, snacks and conversation directly face to face. We kept the location in the heart of Basel’s Old […]

weekend exhibition at the FREIBAD | 2021

Weekend Exhibition at the FREIBAD 27 – 29 August 2021 This summer, we brought the Soul of Wildlife Photography to join other creative artisans for an exhibition in a group market setting. Sharing the space with jewellery makers and fashion designers, we reached a whole new audience and even hosted a spontaneous outdoor concert.   […]

encounters in unspoilt wilderness | exhibition | 2020

Encounters in unspoilt wilderness 2020 Stapfelberg 9 | Basel19 – 25 November 2020 This year’s exhibition was like no other before. It was an extraordinary event in a exceptional time. Yet, despite the masks, the disinfectants and the distance, there were so many genuine moments of human connection. Thank you so much for your interest […]

new horizons | africa – galapagos – spitsbergen | exhibition | 2019

NEW HORIZONS Africa – Galapagos – Spitsbergen Stapfelberg 9 | Basel14 – 29 November 2019 The exhibition this year was literally a highlight. I presented my latest work on the top floor of the Stapfelberg 9. For many visitors, it was breathtaking, simply because there is no elevator 😉Always on the search for new forms […]

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