Dream islands Galapagos NP

Imagine a beautiful unspoiled remote island chain where the animals have no fear of humans. It had always been my dream to visit the Galapagos, and this year my dream came true. From the air, the islands appear to be nothing more than insignificant tiny flecks lost in the vastness of the Pacific, but during the following days, I am continually astonished by their staggering diversity.

Each island has its own climate, its own fauna and vegetation, its own “personality”. I come face to face with giant tortoises at least my age, playful sea lions and salt encrusted marine iguanas, basking in the equatorial sun. These islands are like nothing I have ever experienced before. And then it got even better.


For the first time in my life, I put on a snorkel mask and dived into the sea around San Cristobal Island. Suddenly I was swimming with sharks and sea lions and schools of tropical fish. Why hadn’t I ever done this before? It was an eye-opening experience – on many levels. None of the animals – on land or in the sea – showed any fear of me.


It’s as if they accept – better than most humans – that we are all part of the same natural world. This experience helped me to understand evolution more deeply. Nature does not pursue a “goal” or follow a “development plan” other than the continuation of life, under the prevailing conditions. Perhaps this lesson is the greatest souvenir that I brought home from the Islands of my dreams.

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