Brazil | Pantanal | 2023

Jaguar hunting | Pantanal | Brazil

Explore the Pantanal, the largest freshwater wetland in the world I must admit, I did not know much about this incredible ecosystem until I began planning this journey in 2023. As a cat enthusiast, my primary goal was to finally observe and photograph jaguars in the wild. However, I soon realized that there was so […]

Ecuador | Galapagos | 2019

Galapagos land iguana | Galapagos islands | Ecuador

Dream islands Galapagos NP Imagine a beautiful unspoiled remote island chain where the animals have no fear of humans. It had always been my dream to visit the Galapagos, and this year my dream came true. From the air, the islands appear to be nothing more than insignificant tiny flecks lost in the vastness of […]

Tanzania | Mahale Mountain NP | 2018

Chimpanzee | Mahale Mountains National Park | Tanzania

Deep in the wild green heart of Africa The forest of Mahale is so dense that we can barely glimpse the sky through the green canopy. The air is humid and the trail is steep. This is the home of wild chimpanzees. How deep into this forest must we venture in order to find them? […]

Spitsbergen | 2018

Frozen footprintssearchingfor polar bears This year I chose a drastic change in direction. Instead of the tropics, my photographic expedition led me deep into the Arctic. My goal: to encounter free-roaming polar bears. The environment around the North Pole is like no other. You could say that it’s a “landscape” without land. Only water, in […]

Botswana | Kalahari | 2015

Kalahari rainsa lesson about time The sky was dark when we left our mobile camp in the morning. And even after dawn broke, the sky was dark. Huge, menacing thunderheads towered over us as far as the eye could see. Before long, the heavens opened and the clouds spread their precious life-giving rain across the […]

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