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Eyewitness in the Wilderness
Images from Southern Africa and the Arctic

pop up at Hinz & Kunz | Markthalle Basel
15 November 2018

Shortly after my return from Tanzania, my mind still humming with new impressions and images, it was time for the fourth exhibition at the Markthalle. Again, I am so grateful to the loyal visitors who come year after year and to all of the new people who attended for the first time. It was a fabulous evening full of stimulating conversations and encounters. And it generated 4,400 USD in donations for Conservation South Luangwa (CSL).

CSL is a non-profit organization that has been active in wildlife conservation for over 10 years and plays an important role in preserving the unique ecosystem and protecting animals from poachers. A big thank you to the tireless crew of helpers who supported me before and during the show. And last but not least, a heartfelt thank you to Pascal, Daniel and the team of Hinz & Kunz who made this successful event possible.

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