new horizons | africa – galapagos – spitsbergen | exhibition | 2019

NEW HORIZONS Africa – Galapagos – Spitsbergen Stapfelberg 9 | Basel14 – 29 November 2019 The exhibition this year was literally a highlight. I presented my latest work on the top floor of the Stapfelberg 9. For many visitors, it was breathtaking, simply because there is no elevator 😉Always on the search for new forms […]

Spitsbergen | 2018

Frozen footprintssearchingfor polar bears This year I chose a drastic change in direction. Instead of the tropics, my photographic expedition led me deep into the Arctic. My goal: to encounter free-roaming polar bears. The environment around the North Pole is like no other. You could say that it’s a “landscape” without land. Only water, in […]

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